Game Library

Game Library

Finally some time to spend together. Delicious to simply put a card or give you over to Monopoly. Why not?
Let the best win…

We have a lot of fun board games for you. We also like to play a game and we regularly scour the thrift shops or local markets for ‘new’ games.

COVID19/Corona: currently closed

These are currently on offer (this list can change):

  • playing cards
  • all kinds of quartet games
  • Micado
  • Man do not worry
  • Rummicub
  • Mexican Train
  • Dominoes
  • Earthworms
  • Backgammon / Gammon

If you want to play a game, just come to our farm and find something nice. You can safely take it to your camping pitch, luxury tent or room. We only ask you to store everything neatly when you are done with it.

Lots of fun!

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