Tasty and healthy food contributes to a healthy body, which we learned from the ancient Romans. We therefore use as many products from our own vegetable garden as possible for all our dishes. In the shop we go as much as we can for seasonal products from organic origin and preferably from local producers.

Every day we prepare a delicious breakfast with lots of love. You can choose between a French luxury breakfast, a vitamin breakfast or a farmers breakfast.

In order to let our passion for cooking flourish freely, we now and then offer a culinary extra. Keep an eye on the bulletin board in the living room, if you like to enjoy something tasty in between.

Every day you can sit down at the table with the other guests for a full three-course menu.

Anyone with an allergy can also come to us for a culinary experience. Just tell us in time when you make your reservation and we will adjust the menus for you so that you can enjoy it safely.

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