The studio is a place on our domain where you can get acquainted with ceramics, pottery, modelling and creativity. You have the opportunity to work at the turntable or model with clay. We also have glazes, which you can use after the first firing to give your work colour.

We have our own kiln, so if you want to have your work baked, you can do so (preferably 24 hours before departure).

COVID19/Corona: currently closed


  • free workshop: 2 euros per hour
  • supervised work: 15 euros per hour
  • baking biscuit / ceramic: price depends on volume
  • glazing: price depends on volume
  • free use of working materials for modeling, ceramics, painting, …


  • making wind chimes with quick clay (not baked)
  • make wine cooler from clay
  • pots turned on an electric disc for beginners
  • sculpting a face
  • art objects

Atelier des arts “Têtu” – Het Keramieken Manneke

For several years I (Bart) have been working on ceramics and pottery. And in France I pick up the thread again in my own studio, where I would love to share my experience and knowledge with you.

You can have a look at my personal work here:

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