During our personal growth processes we have already gained a lot of positive experiences during different workshops. These workshops all had a common factor: to be more conscious in life.

There are countless ways to raise the level of consciousness higher. For us, these are some of the most obvious possibilities:

  • based on skills: creating something with clay (earth) with your hands;
  • at the level of your mind: letting go by means of meditation;
  • on the area of ​​your body: connecting with the inside of your body through yoga;
  • through habits: going back to basics by making own products, including vegetables from the vegetable garden.

With an open mind you are never too old to learn something and that is why we like to share our knowledge with you through workshops. Both during and outside the workshops we also remain open-minded to learn and we hope for a nice interaction, so that we can also learn from you … even if it is during a spontaneous philosophical conversation.

As soon as the workshops are fixed, the necessary information will be distributed through our various digital channels. But if you are lucky, you can also get a spot last minute via the announcement on the bulletin board in the central area.

These are already some themes that we would like to give:

  • Theme “Visual arts – expression”
    • Turn a pot – 2 x half a day
    • Shaping a face – half a day
    • Make a cup for coffee or tea – half a day
  • Theme “Vegetable garden”
    • Change cultivation in your vegetable garden – 1 hour
    • Combination cultivation – 1 hour
    • Principles of permaculture – 2 hours
  • Theme “Cooking”
    • Ecological snack – 2 hours
    • Cooking with leftovers – 2 hours

In our database comes the course material and you can find other nice documentation.

Look what interests you and join one of our workshops!

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