Media library

Media library

We ourselves are great music lovers. At the right tune we let our hips cradle on the waves of the music. And when our fingers itch, we make a melody on the piano ourselves. Do you also like to play music yourself? Then we invite you to put yourself behind the piano and let your emotions sound through our living space.

Not only the piano but also the guitar and the ukulele are available for your musical fingers.

Are you not such a musical genius yourself, no problem. We have a collection of nostalgic vinyl that we like to put on that good old-fashioned turntable at appropriate times.
Fun party in the making 🙂 ?

For those who like it a bit quieter, we occasionally organize a nice movie night with French classics by Louis de Funès or the fantastic Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain.

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