COVID19/Corona measures

In normal circumstances, we count on the responsibility of our guests to treat everything and everyone on our domain with respect. We do not like to make rules for this. But now with the Corona virus, we make an exception for this, as the health of everyone is very important to us. We ask you to understand this and to take your own responsibility.


We ask you to apply the generally prescribed measures by the government at all times on our domain:

Wash your hands regularly or use an alcoholic gel. We provide sufficient soap in every sanitary unit and alcoholic gel is available in the common areas.
Use a disposable handkerchief when you need to blow, cough or sneeze and throw it away in the rubbish bin. If you don’t have one, cough or sneeze into your elbow. There is a packet of paper handkerchiefs in each accommodation on arrival.
Avoid contact with the face.
Respect a distance of at least 1 metre from other guests. Fortunately there is enough space on our domain to keep this distance. This distance is also guaranteed at breakfast and the table d’hôtes.
Greetings without shaking hands and no hugs. This is not always easy, but unfortunately essential to prevent the virus from spreading.
In communal areas, wear a mask to protect yourself and others.

In addition, we have taken the following measures on the advice of the tourist organisations:

The common rooms are regularly ventilated.
The library is temporarily closed. Do not forget to bring your favourite book, because our domain has many nice places to read.
The game library is temporarily closed. If you bring a nice game from home to play here, we might get some ideas to complement our game library in the future.
The media library is temporarily closed. Although we love a nice tune from our guests on the piano or guitar, we are temporarily silencing the instruments.
We have removed the information brochures. Please check our website for inspiration or ask us if we can help you.
The paper guestbook has been put away for a while. You can share your experiences via Facebook, Google or in our virtual guestbook.
Do not touch the cats and chickens. The cats in particular love a cuddle or a stroke and can really enjoy it. They may ask for it so hard that it seems they are never stroked, but we are happy to provide the necessary affection.
Our private lounge, which we normally share with you in a cosy way, is not open to guests at the moment.
On arrival

We welcome you with open arms, although now from a small distance.

Information sheet: There will be an information sheet ready with a biro which will be disinfected every time. Please leave the filled in card at breakfast.
Key: This key will be on the inside of the door.
At departure
Leave the windows open before departure
Do not forget any personal items, but leave everything else (including the key) in the room.
The invoice will be sent by e-mail. In this way we also help nature.
We prefer not to receive cash payments. We will of course give you plenty of other options: timely bank transfer, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Apple pay, Paypal

And then we hope to be able to see you off after a nice stay with us and read something beautiful in our virtual guest books afterwards.

We thank you in advance for your understanding, cooperation and responsibility to make your stay a safe one.

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